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Growing Up

I was born and raised in the small, sweet town of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. I grew up as a PK and unlike most, loved it! To say that I cut my teeth on the back of a church pew is an understatement, but I sure am proud of it! I attended the sweetest K-8 school, Whitebead. I attribute my academic success to that school and all of the phenomenal teachers there! I graduated from Pauls Valley High, to say the least, I had a wonderful high school experience where I cheered, played basketball and had some of the greatest friends. I attended ECU where I graduated with my Bachelors, followed by my Masters. I’m considering another, either because I’m crazy or just really good at school.

My Family

Y’all, my family, oh how I love my family! My parents are the best! From the beginning they strived to make sure I knew that I was loved and cared for. I can’t tell you how many times they prayed over me, loved on me and just encouraged me to go follow my dreams. My mom, well she deserves her own section dedicated to how truly incredible she is. My dad set the standard early for what a man should be in my life. We’ve been through ups and downs, but always made it through together! My sister is my rock. She married an incredible man and together they had two of the greatest little humans alive. My niece and nephew are pieces of my layers. I could go on for days on how amazing they all are, seriously!

Just Me

I’m an Oklahoma native with a passion for Jesus and all things girly! Faith, family, fun, friends and food pretty much sum up my life! Have I mentioned that I love Jesus, because I do! I’m kind of sassy, okay a lotta sassy. Being a ginger, I think it just comes with the territory. I love being a red head. I have always been a girl with a made up mind and a strong will to pursue whatever is on my heart. I’ve never been a “simple” girl; I have many layers that make up who I am. I love music, dancing, singing, and eating. Really though, food is one of my love languages. I never go anywhere without make-up on and I believe that if you’ve had a bad day, a hot shower can help wash it away. My favorite color is never the same. I eat Mexican food at least twice a week and I can usually be bribed with sushi.  When in doubt, pray it out and after that call mom, that’s always my game plan. I’m a cheerleader at life and will always encourage whomever I’m around. Laughter really is good for my soul. I love rainy days, hot tea and long Jesus talks. Fashion, make-up, hair and nails, I love it all! I love people and hope that I can help make this beautiful world a better place.

My Faith

I asked Jesus into my heart at the age of four and never looked back. I was baptized quickly after, and have lived a life that is influenced by the Holy Spirit. The Bible is my go to and I love singing about and to Jesus. I think that we are all apart of the Body of Christ, no matter what denomination. I try to be like Jesus, which means I am and will befriend anyone and everyone, no matter what walk of life! I believe that our experiences are always for others, to help them love, learn and grow. The joy of the Lord truly is my strength and I hope to share that with anyone that I cross paths with! I hope that my unfolding story can help expand the name of Jesus in the brightest ways!

My Vision

I hope to motivate, challenge and inspire people to be their best! I created this blog to share my journey, perspective, joys and sorrows, with the hopes of encouraging people! I am nowhere near perfect or an expert at life, I just love sharing with others! I hope this blog lets us enjoy this journey together through my ups, downs and everything in between!


some of my favorite things


Fun Facts

1. I cannot tan. Literally, I freckle, burn, reflect the sun, but I do not tan. 

2. Cheese is God's gift to earth. It is an angelic food sent to bless me.

3. Waking up in the morning is a real struggle. I'm like an old PC, when I wake up it takes me a little while to get going!

4. Until 3rd grade I thought the word "Wash" was "Worsh". Thank you, Mrs. Tompkins for that spelling test! 

5. My sister says that I am the favorite and to that I say, " Someone has to be!"

6. When I am truly happy I giggle. 

7. In middle school I used to watch BET and practice dance moves in the living room because I loved, "Save the Last Dance".

8. Hugging is just exchanging armpits, why do we do this?

9. I am a quality time and acts of service kind of girl. 

10. I'm a really good rapper, jk, jk, I perform in my car all of the time though! 

11. When I was little I wanted to be a journalist, an author, a meteorologist and a preacher. 

12. If you have seen me without make-up on, you've made the club. 

13. I am not a good liar, not even close, not even a little, not even at all. 

14. Gold jewelry is my favorite for life. 

15. I am not good at taking pictures, so.stinking.awkward.

16.I am and will always be a momma's girl. 

17. My dream pups are a Cockapoo and a Goldiepoo.

18. Chance The Rapper is my favorite, because blessings keep falling in my lap. 

19. Courtney needs a shootout because she's my person. 

20. God is better than the best thing on earth.