I prayed for this.


"You prayed for that."

My friend spoke those words and it hit me like a ton of bricks. The very thing I had prayed and believed God for was the very thing I stood complaining about.

After that conversation I took a moment to reflect on my life and how much it had changed in just a years time. My job, my friends, my home, and so much more. I had prayed for it all. Each detail being something I had so earnestly believed for. The desires of my heart had become my reality. So why was I complaining?

How often do we find ourselves frustrated with our answered prayers? Is it the expectations not meeting the reality of a thing? Could it be that what we thought we wanted didn't quite match what it was? Or do we just have a "baditude" and need to drink a cup of gratitude? (That for sure should be a rap lyric)

Obviously each situation is so different but what I do know is this... Answered prayers do not, I repeat do not, equate perfection. So how do we stay grateful and keep from grumbling? I don't know, ask someone else... I kid, I kid. I think it takes a few of these things.

1. Open up your mouth.

Whaaaa??? Yeah. Open up your mouth and say what your thankful for. Thank God for the answered prayers, EVEN if it's become a point of frustration. Thank him for the great and small. Thank him, thank him, thank him and then thank him some more.

  2 . Open up your eyes.

Look for the good, even if it seems bad. Open up your eyes to see beyond what's in front of you and recognize what God is teaching you with where your at. See what good will come from your situation. See the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living (go ahead and insert a hair flip with a yes and amen).

3 . Open up your mind.

Step back to have a change of mind. Maybe your perspective is a little off. Maybe the vision you had of the things you had prayed for don't line up. For the majority of my life what I've prayed for doesn't play out the way God answers it. It's always, ALWAYS better. Open your mind to this crazy notion that He is working things out for a reason... YOUR GOOD!


This walk can seem so crazy. Every day life can bring us so many things to complain about... or, soooo many things to PRAISE about. What do you choose?

xo. KB


The American Dream.


Somewhere along the way we all started accepting society's timeline for our lives; graduate high school, attend the best college, get your dream job, marry the love of your life, purchase the best house, have two perfect kids and live happily ever after. For some reason we're supposed to do all of this in sequential order, while maintaining a perfect figure and getting 8 hours of sleep a night. Yeah, okay.

I found myself in a mess when I tried to achieve success by the world's definition. I failed at it and felt like I could never catch up. This time last year I took a step back from what culture had defined for me and sought what God had to say.

I still don't have it all figured out. I don't have 10 secrets to achieving it all by 30. Some days I'm just happy to spray in some dry shampoo, drink my coffee, and to make it through the day. Other days I feel like Wonder Woman. But what I do know is that when I stopped trying to achieve the world's timeline and I started pursuing what God had for me, I found peace. I found comfort and the pressure was off. Maybe I won't be a millionaire by the time I'm 30, but I wake up every day knowing that each step of my path has been guided by him because I've acknowledged him there.

Take off the world's view and ask God what He has for you. There's a lot more joy in it. 

fire breathing dragon-woman.


Yesterday I received a call that left me frustrated. And by frustrated I mean, I felt like I was going to turn into a dragon-woman and spit fire everywhere I looked. A dragon with lipstick and big lashes, but nevertheless a dragon-woman. I sat and evaluated the circumstance and what to do. I knew I had two choices:

1. Be angry and handle the issue at hand.

2. Keep my joy and handle the circumstance.

Either way, I had to handle the circumstance. So I sat in my car and smiled. I physically made myself smile and name things that were going right in the midst of a mess. I quickly found myself turning from a fire breathing dragon-woman into my thankful ginger self.

I went to bed last night knowing that I had people in my life that love me beyond words and show it in their actions. I have a God that provides me comfort in the midst of a trial. And I have the power to keep my joy, even when everything isn't going my way.

My encouragement to you, is find your silver lining. Don't let problems steal your joy. Look for the things that are going right and realize that there's goodness all around you. 




Yesterday I celebrated my 27th birthday! Twenty-seven, y'all! This birthday has been quite different from last year to say the least. My life looks dramatically, and I mean DRAMATICALLY, different. It looks that way because of a few different things I intentionally pursued and prayed for over the past 12+ months of my life. 


 The people that have become apart of my life have been an answer to prayer. I was in such a lonely season of my life on my 26th birthday. My life was in shambles from the inside out. I had very limited people that I called friend outside of my family. I had absolutely no one that I was accountable to. And with the drama that my family had been through, I had an even smaller number of people that I trusted.  

Twelve months later, it's like I don't even know that girl or her life. I prayed for friends that would celebrate my joys with me and love me through my sorrows. I sought out people that would speak into my life and not always tell me what I wanted to hear, but needed to hear.  I prayed for these people and I got them. I got people that love me through my mess, love me for my good and bad, they love me for me. I'm surrounded by people that encourage me to pursue my dreams, challenge me to live beyond where I am and just make this journey fun. I celebrate each of you on my birthday and thank you for making it better, you know who you are. 


Our perspective is our reality. How we see a situation is how we will walk through it. My mindset is so different. I went from surving through my day to day life. I gave up on dreaming and settled for hoping nothing too tragic would happen. I settled for mediocre and preferred the mundane because I thought I no longer deserved to live out the impossible.  

Present day, no one can talk me out of my dreams. I realized that when I gave up dreaming of the impossible, I gave up believing God would accomplish that for me. When we only believe in the possible, we only believe in what we can achieve on our own. When we believe in the impossible, we say yes to what only God can do in our lives.  


As I sat at my birthday dinner with some of my closest friends I had an overwhelming sense of happiness and joy. I blurted out, "I'm so happy!!!" And of course teared up. God brought my previous birthday to my rememberance and reminded me of what I asked Him for. I sat there at the table and realized not only did He answer my prayers of friends, joy and dreams; but He answered them above and beyond. 

I'm thankful that I serve a God that does exceedingly and abundantly above all I have asked or imagined.  My life isn't just full of goodness, but it's overflowing with it.  

Redeeming The Time  

 It doesn't matter what mistakes we make, how much bitterness that creeps in, or "how far" off coarse we go, He's got us. He took my mess and turned it all around. I thought I had contaminated my life and it would never be as good as it could have been.  

I stand here looking back over the past year and see no time lost, instead He redeemed it. He made good of what I thought I had lost. He didn't just give me enough to get by, He became more than enough, every.single.day. 

Today celebrate life. Take a step back and look at the places that He kept you when He could have left you. Look at the blessings that keep falling in your lap. Recognize that He's got you right where He wants you and know that He will supersede all you can imagine.  



Back To The Beginning.

Back To The Beginning.

The challenge that stems from all of this is to dream with your eyes wide-open. Take the step of faith now to my your dreams a living reality. Take off the limits that confine you and go back to the beginning where you knew that the dreams that made you tick, were achievable. Lose the mentality that you have to settle for what’s in front of you, instead go after all of the things you always thought that you would. Know that the desires that are in your heart are for a purpose and KNOW that He will guide you through it all. Doubt your doubts, and believe His word to be true for you. May we never lose our wonder.

No Such Thing As A Sure Thing.

No Such Thing As A Sure Thing.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you thought you were completely ready for only to find out, you a realllll joker (read that with some ‘tude and your head to the side) and need to take two steps back? Yeah, well same. I thought I worked through all that needed to be worked through and was ready to dive in, only to get to the edge of the high dive and second guess myself. Suddenly, deep seeded emotions came flooding back of the last time I tried to jump off the high dive and the time before and the time before. Only to find myself thinking, maybe I should just go chill in the wave pool and quit trying this out? Life just won’t seem to let that happen though. 

What Do You See.

What Do You See.

May we live each day intentionally by conducting ourselves from the position of faith and certainty. May we speak kindly, having our words seasoned with salt and light; to others and to ourselves. And may we always choose wisely when it comes to our perspectives. It’s never to late to change your point of view and take your secure seat with Him. Our conversations come from where we look, so what do you see?

Love in the Details.

Love in the Details.

We have all had those seasons where we are surrounded by storm clouds, stuck in the pouring rain. Sometimes it pours and pours, until we think the storm that is raging all around will never cease. The memory of sunshine seems to slowly fade away, becoming a distant memory or a thing of the past. It's in these stormy seasons, you find out what your foundation is made of. Will it withstand the storm or be washed away? It's in these seasons that you find out what you really believe and what you're really made of.