But Tonight I’m Cleaning Out My Closet…


      I am a lot of things ,but one thing I am not is organized. Oh how I long to be! I envy the people that have a place for everything. You know the people that color code, label everything and have a system for every project. I’m more of the enter into a room, see where it lands, leave a trail behind me kind of girl. I don’t know how I didn’t turn out to be super organized because I come from two organized, very systematic people. Instead I follow a system of no system, HA!

      One crazy day, I decided to clean out my monster of a crazy closet. I didn’t just want to organize it, I wanted to throw out those ridiculously, embarrassing pieces that I had been holding on to for some weird reason. Why we hold onto old, ugly pieces, I will never know! One Sunday afternoon I felt inspired to conquer the closet that had been neglected for some time.

       I started by pulling everything off of the racks and creating different piles to keep and throw out. I sorted through the pieces and got some GOOD laughs. Of coursed I snapped some. Seriously though, one dress made me look like a purple ninja turtle. Another top made me look like I was trying to attract Oscar the Grouch, I genuinely looked like a trash bag. Every tacky piece I came to I found myself saying, “WHAT IS THIS,” in pure disbelief.

       I came to a stack of dress pants that I hadn’t worn in years, so I decided to try them on. Some still fit like a glove, and yes I had a praise dance over them! There were some others though… they wouldn’t even make it past my thighs, let alone button! I knew they must have shrank being on the shelves for so long, of course, right??? Mom came in to see what I had accomplished.  I showed her the pants that MUST have shrank and she said, “ Well you’re not that girl anymore!”

       I realized then that my closet was a depiction of life. Sometimes it’s messy and sometimes it’s orderly. It has bright spots, dark spots, some things will always fit and some that will be outgrown. Nevertheless, it’s all apart of it.

       It caused me to reflect within and look at my inner “closet”. Was I holding onto ugly pieces that I had no need for? Were there things that were just taking up space? Was I storing things that I had outgrown? Was I allowing the things in my life to be a chaotic mess or had I dealt with them and stored them appropriately for my best life?

       My prayer that night was that God would open my eyes to the things I should let go of. That He would reveal the things that no longer fit. I prayed that I dealt with emotions and memories in my life in a way that was beneficial, healthy, and in a way that didn’t store a mess deep within.

       I hope you too see the value of cleaning out your closet. Some memories are the bright summer pieces that light up our lives. Some are those darker pieces that brought growth and lessons along. As long as they’ve been dealt with and viewed as a stepping stone or something that’s helped shape and form us, it’s okay to keep! Other feelings, memories, and emotions we outgrow and need to leave behind. They’re not even apart of who we are; even more so, some things just don’t belong with you anymore! I challenge you to clean out your closet, get rid of the things that you’ve outgrown, are letting waste space and rediscover the valuables that you possess within!