From day one I've wanted to be grown up. I was always on the fast track to being grown and so at the age of 8 or 9 I was determined that I would wake up alone. I got an alarm clock and was going to start waking up alone. Oh what I would do to go back to the good ole days of someone waking me up instead of the sound of an alarm. 

So I got an alarm clock, learned how to use it and set it. I set it and went to inform my parents that I'd be waking myself up the next morning and that they shouldn't bother. I'm sure they were curious to see if I'd make it happen or not. 

Now in all of my attempt to be independent, my adolescence shined through. I decided to set it two hours ahead of the time I actually needed to be awake. Ya know, just in case I didn't hear it or something. Where's the logic? I'm not sure but it seemed like a perfect plan. 

The time came and my alarm sounded. I jumped out of bed immediately and got ready for school. I was all ready and had succeeded in my attempt at adulting, right? About that time my dad came in to see who in the world was up so early. He informed me of what time it was and that I had HOURS to sleep, HOURS people! I guess in all of my planning, my math was wrong too,ha! 

I then expected to be in trouble. How could I have messed up like this? I had a plan, I followed through and still seemed to come up short. There I stood anticipating a lecture, but instead my dad smiled and told me to go back to sleep. He said that he would get me up later. 

I look back and think of a few things that I learned that mirror my relationship with God. 

1. We can make all the plans we want, give all of the best intentions and still manage to mess up. 

2. Grace is an amazing thing, especially in situations like this. I knew I had made a mistake, instead of being ridiculed, my dad showed me grace. His grace just reminded me of the love that he had for me. Y'all, grace exceeds any mistake, problem, flaw, that we have.

3. No matter the mistake that is made, our Heavenly Father is always there to care of us, love us, and take care of it all. He wants us to rest in His love and grace knowing that He's got this! 

4. Sleep is valuable and alarms are the scum between my toes. (That's for all of you Little Rascals lovers!) 

The grace of God is one of the most precious gifts that have been extended to us. Instead of wallowing in our mistakes, take delight in His grace and learn from those moments. His grace isn't dependent on our victories and failures, instead on His victory. Grace goes beyond a concept that we may or may not get. Grace is alive and given to us daily. Grace isn't rationed out for the "small" mistakes and taken away for the "big" ones. Grace is constant. Grace is a gift. Grace is a person. Grace is Jesus.