Everyone is on a quest to find what they're meant to do in life. Typically we are all searching for our purpose and exactly what we were put on this earth to do. It is an exciting topic that can seem so scary and exhilarating all at once. Finding and fulfilling our purpose may possibly be one of our greatest things in life to accomplish. 

What if I told you that we all have the same purpose? Most of you will be like, she's lost it, but hang with me for a second. What if we all have the same purpose, but a different assignment? Our "why" is all the same, but our "how" may look different. 

So then what exactly is our purpose? I am sure there are a variety of answers that can be placed here, but I would argue that it's simple. Our purpose is Jesus, plain and simple. Some of you are probably like well that's pretty cliche, but it's not. If we all have the same purpose, to live for Him, glorify Him and lead others to Him, then we in fact are fulfilling our purpose in Him! 

This is where the assignment thing comes into play. While we all have the same purpose, Jesus, we all have a unique assignment that is centered in on Him. Our assignment is the "How" we live for Him, glorify Him, and lead others to Him. Whether it be an occupation as a teacher or an actor, our purpose remains the same, our "how" just becomes different. 

For me, this brings a sense of peace and takes the pressure off of finding just exactly what it is I was sent here to do. When I go after my purpose, Jesus, I find my assignment. He is after all, the All in All, the Author and the Finisher of our Faith and ultimately the Creator of each and everyone of us. When we go after Him, it is there that we find our assignment for this earth. 

If you are in search of your purpose look no further because He is here and He wants YOU! He wants to know and love you beyond what you could ask or think. Surrendering to him and following Him will take you on a purpose driven adventure that will exceed all that you could ask or think. 

If you are in search of your assignment or maybe even looking to redefine yours, seek Him! Surrender your life to Him and dive into His word! Look around at the skills and passions that He so carefully designed and gave specifically to you. Our assignments are often times so clear, but we overlook them because we are looking for it in it's fullest form, rather than it's seed form. 

Once you find your assignment, surround yourself with people that will mentor you, help you and connect you! Devote your time to your passion and give it all that you have! Don't wait another second to live the life that you were intended to live! 

Your purpose driven life awaits you, are you ready?