Love in the Details.

We have all had those seasons where we are surrounded by storm clouds, stuck in the pouring rain. Sometimes it pours and pours, until we think the storm that is raging all around will never cease. The memory of sunshine seems to slowly fade away, becoming a distant memory or a thing of the past. It's in these stormy seasons, you find out what your foundation is made of. Will it withstand the storm or be washed away? It's in these seasons that you find out what you really believe and what you're really made of. 

I have a dear friend named Kristen. She was an answer to prayer in my life. She came at a time that I was lonely and searching for answers. We both spotted each other and immediately decided to be friends. I'm not kidding, we became friends the second we met. She is always sending me words of encouragement, makes me laugh like no other, and can seriously sing like an angel. What I am trying to say is that I love this sweet friend of mine and I'm thankful to do life with her. 

We had a long conversation one night where she shared her heart and some of the struggles that she had been facing. She allowed me to see into her storm, a raging storm that often so many people keep hidden. As we finished up our talk she said that the one thing that she could hold onto was that she knew His promises are true. This has become her anthem, something for her to stand on, and to simply hope for. 

(This is the good part. The part where God comes in and just does what only He can do, to leave you in awe.)

Sunday night Kristen was telling me about a girl that she met, Kaytlyn Helms,  and how she wrote a song and put in on Youtube. So naturally we turn it on. I played it on my TV and by the end of the first verse we both were frozen. It's as if Kayltyn had taken a page from Kristen's stormy season and made it a beautiful melody. We both looked at each other, wide eyed and in shock. The song is called, "Unshaken." The only words I could express was," She may be unshaken, but I am SHOOK!" 

It was like time stood still and I could see all of the different realms in which God was operating in, in that very moment. He gave Kaytlyn a beautiful song and gift to share with the world. He gave her lyrics that described Kristen's heart to a T. He then offered a chance of connection so that Kristen could have this song and words to declare in her season. All the while, allowing me to witness His goodness and reminder in her life; that He hadn't forgotten her or left her there in the storm. I found myself marveling at the details as they played out in front of me. 

How can the Creator of the Universe care so much to make sure that the details of all of our lives, would line up in that very moment to remind us of His goodness? That He would give someone the exact words, to express for someone else in their storm. He knew just what He was doing, by making Kristen probably the most outgoing person in the world, so that she would make friends with Kaytlyn. He knew that they would cross paths and we would hear the song. He knew that in that moment we would feel His love beyond a blanket statement and see it in the details of our lives. He knew, because He promised it.

You may find yourself in the midst of a storm with no end in sight, but make no mistake, the SON is there shining all around you. He shows up exactly when you need Him. He glistens in the small details of your life to let you know that He loves you and He cares. So when you feel like you can't take one moe drop of rain, step out on the one thing that won't fade; Him. Take the storm and make a sweet melody of it. Find a firm foundation in Him, and know that He is working it all together for your good. His promises are true. 

I would like to thank my sweet friend Kristen for allowing me to write this. You're a true inspiration to me. You have never lost your song during this season, it's a joy to know you and call you friend! I love you! 

Please check out the link below to hear,"Unshaken", by Kaytlyn Helms.