Yesterday I celebrated my 27th birthday! Twenty-seven, y'all! This birthday has been quite different from last year to say the least. My life looks dramatically, and I mean DRAMATICALLY, different. It looks that way because of a few different things I intentionally pursued and prayed for over the past 12+ months of my life. 


 The people that have become apart of my life have been an answer to prayer. I was in such a lonely season of my life on my 26th birthday. My life was in shambles from the inside out. I had very limited people that I called friend outside of my family. I had absolutely no one that I was accountable to. And with the drama that my family had been through, I had an even smaller number of people that I trusted.  

Twelve months later, it's like I don't even know that girl or her life. I prayed for friends that would celebrate my joys with me and love me through my sorrows. I sought out people that would speak into my life and not always tell me what I wanted to hear, but needed to hear.  I prayed for these people and I got them. I got people that love me through my mess, love me for my good and bad, they love me for me. I'm surrounded by people that encourage me to pursue my dreams, challenge me to live beyond where I am and just make this journey fun. I celebrate each of you on my birthday and thank you for making it better, you know who you are. 


Our perspective is our reality. How we see a situation is how we will walk through it. My mindset is so different. I went from surving through my day to day life. I gave up on dreaming and settled for hoping nothing too tragic would happen. I settled for mediocre and preferred the mundane because I thought I no longer deserved to live out the impossible.  

Present day, no one can talk me out of my dreams. I realized that when I gave up dreaming of the impossible, I gave up believing God would accomplish that for me. When we only believe in the possible, we only believe in what we can achieve on our own. When we believe in the impossible, we say yes to what only God can do in our lives.  


As I sat at my birthday dinner with some of my closest friends I had an overwhelming sense of happiness and joy. I blurted out, "I'm so happy!!!" And of course teared up. God brought my previous birthday to my rememberance and reminded me of what I asked Him for. I sat there at the table and realized not only did He answer my prayers of friends, joy and dreams; but He answered them above and beyond. 

I'm thankful that I serve a God that does exceedingly and abundantly above all I have asked or imagined.  My life isn't just full of goodness, but it's overflowing with it.  

Redeeming The Time  

 It doesn't matter what mistakes we make, how much bitterness that creeps in, or "how far" off coarse we go, He's got us. He took my mess and turned it all around. I thought I had contaminated my life and it would never be as good as it could have been.  

I stand here looking back over the past year and see no time lost, instead He redeemed it. He made good of what I thought I had lost. He didn't just give me enough to get by, He became more than enough, every.single.day. 

Today celebrate life. Take a step back and look at the places that He kept you when He could have left you. Look at the blessings that keep falling in your lap. Recognize that He's got you right where He wants you and know that He will supersede all you can imagine.