fire breathing dragon-woman.


Yesterday I received a call that left me frustrated. And by frustrated I mean, I felt like I was going to turn into a dragon-woman and spit fire everywhere I looked. A dragon with lipstick and big lashes, but nevertheless a dragon-woman. I sat and evaluated the circumstance and what to do. I knew I had two choices:

1. Be angry and handle the issue at hand.

2. Keep my joy and handle the circumstance.

Either way, I had to handle the circumstance. So I sat in my car and smiled. I physically made myself smile and name things that were going right in the midst of a mess. I quickly found myself turning from a fire breathing dragon-woman into my thankful ginger self.

I went to bed last night knowing that I had people in my life that love me beyond words and show it in their actions. I have a God that provides me comfort in the midst of a trial. And I have the power to keep my joy, even when everything isn't going my way.

My encouragement to you, is find your silver lining. Don't let problems steal your joy. Look for the things that are going right and realize that there's goodness all around you.