I prayed for this.


"You prayed for that."

My friend spoke those words and it hit me like a ton of bricks. The very thing I had prayed and believed God for was the very thing I stood complaining about.

After that conversation I took a moment to reflect on my life and how much it had changed in just a years time. My job, my friends, my home, and so much more. I had prayed for it all. Each detail being something I had so earnestly believed for. The desires of my heart had become my reality. So why was I complaining?

How often do we find ourselves frustrated with our answered prayers? Is it the expectations not meeting the reality of a thing? Could it be that what we thought we wanted didn't quite match what it was? Or do we just have a "baditude" and need to drink a cup of gratitude? (That for sure should be a rap lyric)

Obviously each situation is so different but what I do know is this... Answered prayers do not, I repeat do not, equate perfection. So how do we stay grateful and keep from grumbling? I don't know, ask someone else... I kid, I kid. I think it takes a few of these things.

1. Open up your mouth.

Whaaaa??? Yeah. Open up your mouth and say what your thankful for. Thank God for the answered prayers, EVEN if it's become a point of frustration. Thank him for the great and small. Thank him, thank him, thank him and then thank him some more.

  2 . Open up your eyes.

Look for the good, even if it seems bad. Open up your eyes to see beyond what's in front of you and recognize what God is teaching you with where your at. See what good will come from your situation. See the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living (go ahead and insert a hair flip with a yes and amen).

3 . Open up your mind.

Step back to have a change of mind. Maybe your perspective is a little off. Maybe the vision you had of the things you had prayed for don't line up. For the majority of my life what I've prayed for doesn't play out the way God answers it. It's always, ALWAYS better. Open your mind to this crazy notion that He is working things out for a reason... YOUR GOOD!


This walk can seem so crazy. Every day life can bring us so many things to complain about... or, soooo many things to PRAISE about. What do you choose?

xo. KB