No Such Thing As A Sure Thing.

I’m not a pessimistic person, quite the contrary. I’m usually the girl that thinks miracles are an every day thing and things will work out for our good in the end. I’m the girl that dreams dreams and loves to encourage others to pursue their wildest dreams, because why not?! My thoughts are usually filled with rainbows, glitter and glam. Do I see through rose-colored glasses? Yeah I’d say that I do. 

It’s one thing to talk about something, it’s another thing to do it. Girls can dream of their Prince Charming and have a romantic fairytale mapped out before them, but dating all the frogs is a different thing. Every boy dreams of being a professional athlete in elementary school, but it’s another thing to actually become part of that small percentage. 

I recently found myself in a conversation that required me to be very vulnerable and admit that I didn’t have every part of myself perfectly in order. I know, shocker, right? I had to confront the conversation to ask for time and understanding because when I got right down to the root of my issue(s), I was scared… reallllllly scared. 

I understand the greater the risk, the greater the reward. I get that anything worth having doesn’t come easily. But when ya girl has taken similar risks before only to be left with the ashes that remained from that fire, I can’t help but hesitate with more caution this time. 

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you thought you were completely ready for only to find out, you a realllll joker (read that with some ‘tude and your head to the side) and need to take two steps back? Yeah, well same. I thought I worked through all that needed to be worked through and was ready to dive in, only to get to the edge of the high dive and second guess myself. Suddenly, deep seeded emotions came flooding back of the last time I tried to jump off the high dive and the time before and the time before. Only to find myself thinking, maybe I should just go chill in the wave pool and quit trying this out? Life just won’t seem to let that happen though. 

After facing the cold hard truth that I still had some things to work through, I mean, who doesn’t? I went to sleep. Yes, sleep. I gave it to God and rested on that sucker. I woke up the next morning and heard, “There’s no such thing as a sure thing.” Of course I’m like, God you are sure! You’re my constant! You’re the Chief Cornerstone! I’m pretty sure He hushed me, only to reveal that life was created with some risks, because we were created with a choice. It was designed this way for one specific thing: faith. 


Do you find yourself in the remains of what was only to see ashes? He reminded me that He gives beauty for those ashes. Joy for that sorrow. Strength for today. He takes those hurts and He binds them up. He takes whatever mess we’re left with and makes it beautiful. The people involved in those situations weren’t a sure thing, but the promise of what God will do in the good or bad of it is.


There is risk in everything. When you get behind the wheel of a car, there is the risk of an accident. When you get your hair cut, it could very well turn out ugly. When you open a letter you very well could get the smallest, most horrendous pain of a paper cut that will bring you to your knees. The risk of it, is we could find ourself on every flip side of those things. That car ride could lead you to and from a job that pays the bills and then some; you know a lil extra, extra. That haircut could make you go from pumpkin’ to somethin’. And that letter that you dodged the paper cut on, could be a check for a zilllllllion dollars, y’all! *10 second praise dance* There is a risk in the great and the small, but that’s what makes life so fun. That’s the adventure, right? 


Maybe you’re like me and you think you’re ready to take the plunge from the high dive only to say,” No way, Jose, not today.” And that’s okay. Surround yourself with people that will understand and stay with you until you are ready. Take a step back and really search your heart to see what it will take to make that jump. Do what it takes to get you ready for the jump, so when the time comes you can enjoy the leap of faith, instead of hesitantly being pushed.

Live a life full of faith. Be a person that deals with whatever is holding them back, so that you can go after the desires of your heart completely. Don’t let fear rule what faith should occupy in you. Allow God to give you beauty for your ashes. Take the leap of faith and experience a life beyond doubt. Take the risk and experience a God-designed reward for your life. There is no such thing as a sure, earthly thing; but the reward of the risk often times is greater.