I’m an Oklahoma native with a passion for Jesus and all things girly! Faith, family, fun, and friends pretty much sum up my life! Have I mentioned that I love Jesus, because I do! I’m kind of sassy, okay a lotta sassy. Being a ginger, I think it just comes with the territory. I love being a red head. I have always been a girl with a made up mind and a strong will to pursue whatever is on my heart. I’ve never been a “simple” girl; I have many layers that make up who I am. I love music, dancing, singing, and eating. Really though, food is one of my love languages. I never go anywhere without make-up on and I believe that if you’ve had a bad day, a hot shower can help wash it away. My favorite color is never the same. I eat Mexican food at least twice a week and I can usually be bribed with sushi.  When in doubt, pray it out and after that call mom, that’s always my game plan. I’m a cheerleader at life and will always encourage whomever I’m around. Laughter really is good for my soul. I love rainy days, coffee in the morning, hot tea by night and long Jesus talks. All things girly make me happy: fashion, make-up, hair and nails, I love it all! I love people and hope that I can help make this beautiful world a better place. My vision is to inspire and encourage anyone that I can through my blog, experiences and stories!